Over 20 Foreign Diplomats from 15 Countries Embark on Journey to Explore Shaanxi Province

YAN’AN, China, June 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The 5th Diplomats’ Tour to Shaanxi, themed ‘In Love with Shaanxi on the Silk Road’, commenced in Yan’an on June 5. The tour is organized by CRI Online Shaanxi Channel and sponsored by the Information Office of Shaanxi Provincial Government as well as CRI Online of China Media Group.

More than 20 foreign diplomats from 15 countries, including Zimbabwe, Madagascar, Albania, Morocco, Ethiopia, Peru, Sri Lanka, Iran, Lesotho, Namibia, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Kenya, and the Bahamas, embarked on a six-day journey to Yan’an in order to gain a deeper understanding of Shaanxi.

Leaders and guests launch the event together, photo by Xie Yina
Leaders and guests launch the event together, photo by Xie Yina

Foreign diplomats are scheduled to explore a number of destinations during their stay in Yan’an. These include the Zaoyuan Revolutionary Site, Ansai Culture and Art Museum, Jin Yan‘an Cultural Block, Digital Production Command Center of PetroChina Changqing Oilfield Company No. 1 Oil Production Plant, and a comprehensive processing station. The objective of these visits is to enhance their understanding of the history and lasting significance of the Yan’an Spirit, appreciate the artistic charm of outstanding Chinese folk culture, and delve into the developmental chronicles of China’s petroleum industry.

Starting on June 5 and continuing until June 10, foreign diplomats coming from 15 nations will embark on a tour of Shaanxi province. The trip aims to explore the economic and social development achievements of the region, gain first-hand experience of modern enterprise operations, and appreciate the diverse charm of the local history and culture. Through this visit, they hope to contribute to showcasing a new chapter in Shaanxi’s journey toward progress and prosperity.