New Zealand Based EdTech Company WuKong Education Announced the Upgrade for Its Technological Interactive Exercise Product

New Zealand headquartered EdTech company WuKong Education has recently announced a full upgrade on its technological interactive exercise product which was integrating the company’s “7-step Learning Method”. Through the application of digital technology and the coverage of intelligent scenes, the same frequency of teaching and learning pace between teachers and students can be realized in and out of the classroom, which symbolizes the improvement of WuKong Education’s technology and education ecosystem.

AUCKLAND, New Zealand, Aug. 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Recently, WuKong Education, a New Zealand based EdTech company, announced a new round of upgrades for its technological teaching assistant product “WuKong Interactive Exercise“. Fully embodying WuKong’s “7-step Learning Method”, namely the seven key steps of “Previewing – Learning – Reviewing – Consolidating – Reflecting – Examing – Applying”, the upgraded product effectively combines the process of “learning” and “practising” to strengthen students’ learning effects with diversified, interesting and scientific learning forms, so that learners can firmly grasp what has been learnt and really enjoy the learning process.

WuKong has initiated the research and development of its interactive exercise product in July 2021. In September 2021, the product was put into use in the graded reading courses of WuKong Chinese, a famous Chinese curriculum product under WuKong Education. In October 2021, it was applied to WuKong Math as well. Since the launch of the product, its functions experienced several rounds of upgrades and have been continuously optimized according to various learning and teaching needs.

This round of upgrades further enriched the contents in the question bank. Furthermore, based on AI interaction, voice recognition and other technologies, in-class knowledge can be integrated into the lively and interesting interactive homework display page, so as to effectively satisfy students’ personalised learning needs and after-class reviewing needs. The product can also meet the demands of 1-on-1 class, small class, large class and other classroom types, as well as students at different learning levels.

On the other hand, the upgrade of interactive exercise product also provides convenience for teachers. Teachers from WuKong can leave feedback on the homework submitted by students in real time through the product’s voice interaction function, which improves the efficiency of online teaching, shortens the process of homework feedback, and enables teachers and students to communicate more effectively after class.

Mrs. Zhang, a Tsinghua University graduate who is currently teaching in WuKong Education, expressed her reflections on the upgraded product: “the WuKong Interactive Exercise can customize the exercise layout, automatically distribute homework in the system. Once the students submitted their exercises, I can also receive instant notifications and provide them with real time voice with feedback, which is really convenient and makes me feel like I’m getting closer to my students!”

Practical cases of the integration of technology and education are not rare in recent years, and technological innovations have brought more possibilities to the online education industry. Under this background, more and more EdTech enterprises are injecting investments in their scientific and technological research and development, hoping to bring more intelligent education products and services to learners. WuKong Education is among this marching army as well.

“Since 2019, our IT team has invested millions of funds in the research and development of technological platforms and data platforms. We have built the industry’s leading teaching quality management system and intelligent learning situation tracking and analysing system. Based on the continuous expansion of the market and the increasing needs of our learners, we have developed a set of relatively mature teaching content systems and technology platforms to meet users’ personalised learning needs.” Cicy, Chief Education Officer of WuKong, said during the London EdTech Week.

“We believe that for the majority of parents today, the most precious thing is to nurture their children’s interest in learning. WuKong hopes to fully stimulate their children’s interest and thinking in learning by means of technological empowerment. As one of the world’s most popular education technology companies, our expectation is to help children grow happily and wisely, and to be a trusted companion in the learning process for families around the world.” Cicy continues.