New Report Finds Australian Brands Need To Improve Website Accessibility

SYDNEY, Oct. 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Monsido – powered by CivicPlus®, a leading web governance platform, has published a benchmark report analysing the websites of 30 of the top Australian brands. According to the report, the websites of Australian brands ranked highest in SEO but struggled in the categories of web accessibility and content quality.

The scans for the website benchmark were carried out in October 2022 using the Monsido Web Governance platform. The scans assessed the accessibility, content quality (including broken links, misspellings, and content readability), SEO, and response time of the websites of a selection of 30 Australian brands.

The benchmark results revealed that website accessibility remains an area on which brands need to focus more attention, with 65% of Australian brand websites scoring below the compliance threshold. Monsido recommends that organisations achieve an accessibility score of at least 70% in order to demonstrate a path to compliance.

“Most Australian businesses and organisations are aware of the importance of web accessibility, but it is often overlooked or down-prioritised due to a lack of time and resources. However, brands in Australia are missing out by not addressing web accessibility, and should ensure a more inclusive and accessible experience for all, “said Aida Khizirova, Sales Director for APAC at Monsido – powered by CivicPlus. “We congratulate the brands that outperformed in the categories measured in this report and encourage them to continue leading by example.”

In terms of SEO, Australian brands maintained a high standard, with the top five scores exceeding 90%. For website content quality, the average score was 65%, indicating a need for improvement when it comes to content-related issues and errors. In addition, the top 5 performers in the testing category ‘Response Time’ scored an impressive load time of under 135 milliseconds. However, an overwhelming 77% of Australian brands still scored poorly in response time.

The industry benchmark revealed that the top 5 websites overall belonged to Kathmandu, Cochlear, Crown Resorts, Bega, and Afterpay. Top performers in the other benchmarked categories are detailed in the report.

For more insights, see the full benchmark report and rankings on the Monsido website.