New era in China: German consultant upbeat on Northeast China

BEIJING, Oct. 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — A news report from

Dennis Behnke, a German management consultant in Shenyang, Northeast China’s Liaoning province, has been living in the city for a decade and believes that there is huge potential still in Northeast China.

“As a management consultant, I’m helping foreign companies prosper in China, and Chinese companies going global,” he said, adding that Shenyang is a great place that supports companies with preferential industry policies, and is in a prime location between Beijing, Seoul, Changchun and Dalian. He is optimistic in regards to the development of business, tourism and culture in Shenyang and Northeast China in general.

As an ardent student of literary Chinese, Dennis is now fluent in Mandarin and Dongbei Hua (Northeast China dialect). He thinks that the improvement of his Chinese skills helps him better understand Chinese culture and makes more friends.

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