Members of the Global Ningbo Community in Hong Kong Share Thoughts on Ningbo’s Modern Coastal Metropolis Ambitions

NINGBO, China, Aug. 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — A report from NBGD:

Lily Chow is a member of the Hong Kong Election Committee and the daughter of Chow Yei-ching, renowned businessman of Ningbo origin. As a second-generation Ningbo expat born and raised in Hong Kong, Chow shared many thoughts on Ningbo’s goal of becoming a modern coastal metropolis. Chow believes the goal creates a new opportunity for members of the global Ningbo community in Hong Kong, who could continue to serve as the connecting link between the city they grew up in and the place where their roots are.

Li explained that his grandfather Li Dak Sum had attached great importance to supporting the cause of education, a commitment that he has inherited as a third-generation Ningbo expat. On the topic of Ningbo’s ambition to become a modern coastal metropolis, Li said, “In terms of the development of the shipping, port, and logistics sectors, Ningbo has already surpassed many competitors around the world. I have confidence that Ningbo will realize the goal. I believe that as Ningbo grows these sectors, it will also need to cultivate associated strengths in tourism, real estate, education, research, sports, catering, and retail. There are many opportunities for NingboHong Kong partnership.”

Philip Pao Sohmen (Bao Wenjun) is a man of many titles: grandson of Sir Y. K. Pao, Standing Member of the Ningbo CPPCC, President of the Hong Kong Universal Education and Shanghai Qiran Education Management & Consulting, and Founder of Sailing Team “China One Ningbo” Yet all of these titles underline his bond with Ningbo.

Ningbo, a city with a thousand-kilometer coastline overlooking the boundless sea, is a maritime city that could benefit greatly from developing water sports if it intends to become more influential globally. Now that my hometown is about to host the sailing competitions of the 19th Asian Games, the opportunity to stimulate the marine economy has come. After Qingdao hosted the sailing competitions of the 2008 Beijing Olympics, it went on to become China’s capital of sailing. Similarly, the 2010 Asian Games made Guangzhou and Shanwei a hotspot for water sports. Ningbo should make the most of the upcoming Asian Games to demonstrate its image of a hospitable, memorable host and also to use the Games as a springboard of future development, winning the world’s heart in the process.