Hunan TV releases the 3rd Season of the Documentary “China”

CHANGSHA, China, Oct. 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Tracing the distant “childhood” of the Chinese people with the history of images. Recently, the third season of the documentary “China“, which is being broadcast on Hunan TV, Hunan Broadcasting System and Mango TV, has become a popular TV program for young Chinese with its grand and subtle narrative, innovation and sophisticated production.

As the final work of the documentary series “China“, the 3rd season of “China” starts from the source to explore the origin of Chinese civilization and decode the genes of cultural inheritance. From the myths and legends of PanGu founding of the world and the creation of man by NvWa, to the archaeological historical materials such as Erlitou civilization and bronze ware, from the prehistoric society full of stars to the dynasties Xia, Shang and Zhou in the widearea, with the gestation and development of etiquette as the main line, the unique place of Chinese civilization is elucidated, so that the world can perceive what is China. After the documentary was broadcast, it aroused enthusiastic reactions among the audience. Related topics frequently appeared in hot searches on social platforms, spreading exposure up to 3 billion times, and won the first place in the fusion communication index.

In order to better express the lives of the forefather, the leading creative team has conducted an avant-garde exploration of “ideas + art + technology”. On the basis of continuing “Chinese-style aesthetics”, “China” has adopted the new documentary image presentation method of “painting + CG” in the third season. With the support of a large number of researchable graphic materials, those characters and events that existed in ancient legends were depicted with a brush. Through the blessing of CG technology, nearly a thousand artistic paintings were in motion, giving all elements a flexible expression and presenting an imaginary space about ancient civilization.

In order to ensure the production of the content, the documentary team has invited well-known historical and archaeological experts such as Wang Zijin, Xu Hong, Sha Wutian, and Ruan Mingtao to strictly control relevant historical materials, facts, and historical views throughout the process, invited the moderators Zhou Tao and He Jiong to participate in the dubbing, and selected outstanding young artists as well as painters in China to create a high-quality historical documentary with awe. The documentary has received unanimous praise from historians and professional institutions such as Xu Zhuoyun, Yi Zhongtian, the Chinese Academy of History, the Liangzhu Museum, the Xi’an Museum, and the Erlitou Site Museum of the Xia Capital. In the short video platform Douyin where young Chinese gathered, many bloggers spontaneously produced their videos of second creation for “China“, and the popularity remained high. The single video posted by the blogger “Xiaoxiang Lide” was played more than 10 million times.

It is reported that the third season of “China” will officially celebrate its ending in early December.

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