FMUSER Launches Economic 1KW FM Transmitter FU-1000C With Complete Radio Station Packages For Broadcasting

GUANGZHOU, China, June 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — FMUSER BROADCAST, the pro manufacturer and supplier of radio broadcast equipment, announced the launch of the FU-1000C, a truly economic 1KW FM Transmitter that allows radio station technicians to replace the older transmitter for the new ones – only with a lower budget but a stronger broadcasting performance instead.

Main highlights of FU-1000C:

  • FMUSER FU-1000C 1KW FM transmitter supports multi audio input, including XLR, SCA and USB. The jog dial can adjust the audio input mode with an all-in-one control panel.
  • The automatic SWR protection will be automatically turned on wxen no antenna is connected to the transmitter.
  • RDS and RCA input supported
  • RF efficiency > 75%
  • Pilot Frequency Deviation ± 0.1 Hz
  • Harmonic Radiation Suppression < -70 dB
  • Internal Residual Wave Radiation < -70 dB
  • High-Temporal Harmonic Radiation < -65 dB
  • Parasitic Modulation Noise < -50 dB
  • Sign Noise Ratio ≥ 70 dB (1 kHz, 100% modulation)

“Whether you are running a community radio station or a campus radio station, cost and performance are always used to measure the quality of an FM broadcast transmitter” Said Jimmy Lao, broadcast enginner of FMUSER BROADCAST. “With FU-1000C and complete antenna packges, almost any anyone with long-distance broadcasting needs can set up an economic 1kW FM radio station in a few minutes,” he explained.

Based on user needs, FMUSER BROADCAST applies self-developed RF tech on FU-1000C, which provides users with a stereo separation greater than 60dB, instead of 40 dB (500 Hz) for most FM broadcast transmitters. The signal-to-noise ratio reaches 70 dB, which can effectively reduce the broadcast noise and completely transmit the radio signal to the audience. The audio interface input supports not only XLR, SCA, but also USB – you can input multiple types of audio files and use jogdial to control the output.

FMUSER BROADCAST also customized a variety of radio station equipment packages for its customers according to different broadcast needs, including:

  • FU-1000C with FU-DV2 FM antenna system (optional antenna bays)
  • FU-1000C with FU-DV2 FM antenna system and RDS encoder (optional antenna bays)
  • FU-1000C with FU-DV1 FM antenna system (optional antenna bays)
  • FU-1000C with FU-DV1 FM antenna system and RDS encoder (optional antenna bays)
  • FU-1000C with RDS Encoder

The FMUSER FU-1000C is an economic choice for community radio stations, campus radio stations, drive in radio stations, town radio stations and mining area radio stations. The broadcast equipment, especially the FM broadcast transmitter of these radio stations has been used for several years. Yet they are facing with increasing radio program demands and limited budget for equipment updates, and need a fast and affordable way to provide their listeners with high-quality radio programs.

“Especially with so many expenses to consider for the modern radio stations, to solve your long-term business problems, they really need pieces of broadcast equipment that can help reduce expenses and create program revenue, so that they can ensure the healthy operation of the radio station and expand their broadcasting business locally,” Jimmy said.

FMUSER FU-1000D and FU-1000T, the pro version and upgraded version of FU-1000C are also provided as part of the FMUSER BROADCAST radio turnkey solutions.

To celebrates the 13th anniversary of their company, FMUSER BROADCAST now supplies with the following low-power and high-power transmitter series for the FM radio stations, wholesale orders are welcomed at good cost:

  • Ultra low power FM transmitter: CZE-7C 7W, CZE-05B 0.5W, CZE-15A/15B 15W,CZE-T251 25W.
  • Low power FMTX: FMT-50W, FMT-150W, FMT-200W, FMT-350W, FMT-600W, FMT-1KW.
  • FMT high power series: FMT-2 KW, FMT-3.5 KW, FMT-5KW

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