Brand building boosts coastal city development

RIZHAO, China, Sept. 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — A report from

Rizhao, a coastal city in East China’s Shandong province, is revving up efforts to revitalize the real economy and lead high-quality economic development by building up brands.

The local government has been releasing policies to strengthen the quality of products and promote brand building since 2018, providing strong support for the city’s high-quality development of homegrown brands.

More efforts have been made in brand cultivation and promotion, which has helped increase local companies’ brand awareness and funds have been provided to support local brand building. The city has paved a way for brand construction, which includes brand products, brand enterprises, brand industry and brand economy.

Statistics show that Rizhao currently is home to three famous Chinese-brand products, 16 Chinese famous trademarks, 40 geographical indication trademarks and 157 Shandong brands. In 2022, nine Rizhao brands were included in the “Shandong Excellent Brands” list.

Shandong Wuzheng Group, an established automotive and agricultural industry leader in China, is one of the homegrown brands that made the list. The company focuses on the investments in the research and development of new products and has developed new energy light-duty trucks with sales totaling 500,000 units.

Known as the “hometown of green tea” in northern China, Rizhao has built an influential brand of green tea. The city is one of three coastal cities that produce green tea in the world, along with Boseong, South Korea and Shizuoka, Japan.

To further serve the industrial development of green tea and expand its quality and global fame, high-end technologies have been applied in the green tea industry.

Big data, 5G, and cloud computing have been applied in the city’s green tea plantations to monitor the growing conditions and make necessary improvements. A quality safety tracing system has also been applied to help consumers get to know the background information of the products.

In addition to traditional brands, some emerging brands have been launched, promoting the city’s high-quality development. For example, intelligent robots developed by Rizhao-based Chuangze Robot Co provided sterilization and disinfection service for sports venues during the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics. These robots are being used in many hospitals, government centers and science and technology museums in China.