WEIHAI, China, Aug. 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — A news report from CRI Online:

Recently, the Watching New Development in Lingang, 2022 China Mainstream Media Tour took place in Lingang District, Weihai City, Shandong Province. Nearly 30 journalists joined the event and toured Lingang District where they discovered the area’s many achievements and felt its vitality as a result of the completion of several real estate projects, the addition of new cultural and leisure venues and the roll out of policies to support further opening up to the outside world.

During the tour, the group visited Weihai Modern Agricultural Industry College (Hengxing), Weihai Gaosai Huayun Automobile Refitting, Weihai Taiji Intelligent Technology, SF Intelligent Sorting and Distribution Center, Sino-Japanese (Weihai) Cooperation Industrial Park and other companies where they interviewed several of the executives and employees working there. The combination of articles, photos and video shots put together by the journalists and made available online tell Lingang’s story: the district has developed into one which is a perfect blend of high-end industries and a beautifully constructed city noted for its own unique charm.

Three industry clusters now call Lingang home: new materials, high-end equipment manufacturing and pharmaceuticals/medical devices. The presence of the clusters has accelerated the creation of a modern industrial ecosystem with local characteristics.

By embracing policies that support opening up, the district’s government focused on bringing in quality investment and speeding up the construction of a strong industrial development platform. In 2018, the district received the approval to build the Sino-Europe (Weihai) SME Cooperation Zone. In 2021, the district took the lead in building the Sino-Japanese (Weihai) Cooperation Industrial Park, a move that quickly led to collaborations with foreign companies to build production capacity for both domestic and international markets and to create industry clusters supported by foreign investment.

In terms of scientific and technological innovation, Lingang District is home to more than 50 national- and provincial-level innovation platforms. For 2022, the district has set as a goal the raising of 8.7 million yuan (approx. US$1.5 million) to support development in the new materials, electronic information and biomedicine sectors and the bringing in of 46 million yuan (approx. US6.7 million) in R&D investment from the private sector.