<div>6th Jiaxing “Red Boat Cup” Global Entrepreneurship & Innovation Competition to be Held</div>

JIAXING, China, May 31, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — By deeply implementing the strategy of strengthening the city with talents, building a global talent hub and innovation center by cultivating, introducing and utilizing talents, the city of Jiaxing is accelerating its pace to be the most dynamic industry-integrated, talent-driven, innovation-oriented and environment-favorable model city in the south Yangtze River delta. In the process of building a pioneer city for common prosperity and socialist modernization, Zhejiang Haijiao Human Resources Co., Ltd., as one of the organizers, invites all to join the 6th Jiaxing “Red Boat Cup” Global Entrepreneurship & Innovation Competition to further empower the city with its goals. The relevant matters of the competition are announced as follows:

I.  Competition theme
Creating a future together with Jiaxing

II.  Competition time
From May to September 2022

III.  Competition fields
Outstanding talents and team projects both at home and abroad in the fields of digital economy, high-end equipment, new materials & new energy, biomedicine would be given priority.

IV. Competition system
Innovation Case Competition aims to introduce cases in the areas of digital economy, high-end equipment, new materials & new energy, and biomedicine. The competition is open to innovative topics from America, Europe, Asia and Oceania, with online case competing and reviewing by industry. Final competition will be held in Jiaxing.

V.  Applicant eligibility

a) Applicants of Innovation Case Competition

High-end talents outside China’s mainland (Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan included, hereinafter inclusive) who have not worked in Jiaxing on the date of the announcement while intend to work full-time in Jiaxing are invited to the competition. Detailed requirements are as follows:

  1. The applicant shall own a doctoral degree.
  2. Applicants under the age of 35 shall hold a formal teaching or researching position in overseas prestigious universities, institutions or enterprises, and have outstanding work performance. Applicants aged 35 and above shall be working as associate professor (or above) in overseas prestigious universities or research institutes, or working as middle-level/senior manager or technician for well-known enterprises, organizations or institutions.
  3. Applicants shall be working or running a business overseas, or have returned to China within 2 years, or working in Zhejiang for less than 1 year.
  4. Applicants winning out the competition, if decide to work full-time in Jiaxing’s enterprises or institutions after mutual agreement, are required to sign an employment contract for above 3 years, and the annual salary is generally above ¥500,000.

VI. Competition timeline

a) Innovation Case Competition

Qualified innovation projects in the areas of digital economy, high-end equipment, new materials & new energy, biomedicine, which match Jiaxing’s industrial development can apply according to the following procedure:

  1. Submission. Application opens from May 23June 30, 2022. Please log in to Jiaxing Talents Website (www.jxrsrc.com) and submit your application and attachments in the “Red Boat Cup” page. (Log in to Jiaxing Talents Online Cloud Platform – Talent Project – “Starlit South Lake” Leading Talents Program – Innovation Talents Project – Apply)
  2. Eligibility review. The organizing committee will review the applicants’ qualification in early July. Eligible applicants will be notified.
  3. Pre-selection (Project matching). Qualified projects will be reviewed and selected by counties/districts, platforms, enterprises in Jiaxing in mid-to-late July. Projects being selected and willing to develop in Jiaxing will be shortlisted for the next phase.
  4. Project review. According to the number of shortlisted projects and applicants, organizing committee will entrust national authoritative institutions to carry out project review in the late July
  5. Industry competition. The industry competition will select 1 first award, 2 second awards, and 3 third awards from each industry (a total of 24) through video roadshow defenses. A total of 8 people (top 2 from each industry) will participate in the final.
  6. Final. Final competition will be held during “Starlit South Lake” Yangtze River Delta Elite Summit in September. Finalists will compete for 1 first award, 3 second awards and 4 third awards.

VII. Prizes and favorable policies

a)  Prizes

Innovation Case Competition

 (1) Industry competition. There are 4 first awards with a prize of ¥20,000, 8 second awards with a prize of ¥10,000, and 12 third awards with a prize of ¥5,000.

 (2) Final. There are 1 first award with a prize of ¥80,000; 3 second awards with a prize of ¥30,000; 4 third awards with a prize of ¥20,000.

b) Project funding

Award winners who are qualified for the “Starlit South Lake” Leading Talents Program will be enlisted in the annual Leading Elite Program and granted project funds.

Companies and institutes which employ Innovative Talents will be subsidized 70% (type A, first awards of finals), 60% (type B, first awards of industry competitions and second awards of finals), 50% (type C, second and third awards of industry competitions) of the annual salaries and benefits paid to the said talents within 3 years, with an annual maximum of ¥1 million, ¥600,000 and ¥400,000 respectively.

Talents of the Leading Talents Program who have paid above 6 months’ social security will be provided ¥50,000 to ¥500,000 worth of allowance. Young Talents aged 35 and below will be granted an extra 20% bonus.

c) Other favorable policies

Other favorable policies include ¥600,000 housing allowance, contribution reward for Leading Talents, supportive policies for company’s registration, development, listing, and technology achievements transferring, etc.

VIII. Other matters

a) Participants who travel to Shanghai or Hangzhou will be given transportation and accommodation subsidies according to the place of departure. Participants who travel to Jiaxing to attend the final competition will be provided with free accommodation and transportation subsidies from ¥500-5000 according to the place of departure.

b) Participants shall guarantee all registration documents are valid and legally liable, which will be used as references for project assessment and fund release. All documents, including intellectual property rights and invention patents, must comply with relevant laws and regulations, and participants shall be held accountable for them. Submitted cases are not allowed to other competitions.

c) Those who have been enlisted in the “Innovative Jiaxing· Leading Elite Program” are not eligible for the competition.

d) Participants will be disqualified and fund recovered once discovered cheating or submitting false information, and the legal liabilities shall be prosecuted. 

e) There is no charge for the competition, whereas award winners shall voluntarily declare personal income tax.

f) The organizing committee reserves the right of supplementation and final interpretation of the competition rules. Uncovered matters will be further notified.

Contact details of the Competition Organizing Committee:
Contact person:Haijiao Technology
Tel: 0086-0571-89712782, 0086-18758002300
Email: sp@haijiaonet.com