Collaboration strengthens capabilities for advertisers using MediaGo.

Baidu Global’s AI-integrated marketing platform MediaGo has entered into a strategic collaboration with Xandr, a data-enabled technology ad platform, the company announced on March 10.

Through this integration, MediaGo’s global advertisers, marketers and brands now have access to premium, brand-safe display and native ad inventory from Xandr’s marketplace, with video formats on the roadmap, the company said in its announcement.

Initially available via Xandr’s Monetize SSP publishers in the U.S., the relationship will expand in the coming months to include premium publisher inventory across Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin  America, Australia and New Zealand, the company sources said.

“At MediaGo, we continually focus on improving our advertisers’ ad performance by helping them reach high value, large scale and audience focused inventory across the open internet, further enhancing their ability to reach higher ROI and better marketing results,” said Elaine Hu, Head of U.S. Strategy and  Partnership at Baidu’s Global Business Unit. “To further this goal, we are excited to partner with Xandr  across international markets, broadening the opportunities for our full funnel marketers to reach the  right audiences, across different touch points.”

“Further deepening our commitment to driving results for both advertisers and content creators, we are delighted to partner with Baidu and bring the best of Xandr’s technology to MediaGo,” said Sze How  Chan, associate director, market development, Xandr.

MediaGo is a global AI-integrated marketing platform under the Baidu Global brand that helps clients to rapidly expand into the global market and enhance international influence. Available to customers in  East Asia, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe and North America, MediaGo provides cross-media integrated marketing solutions, including programmatic advertising, advertising reselling and AI-backed  recommendations to more than 10,000 companies. MediaGo is committed to building an AI advertising engine that leverages media context to achieve precision marketing in the modern era.