Whitepaper: DXPs Need to be Less Complicated

Insights into what the ideal mid-market DXP solution should look like 

Digital transformation offers organizations of every size the promise of a new way of doing business.

DXP (Digital Experience Platform) has become an essential tool for progressive companies as it connects IT function, business processes and marketing. One of its most critical roles is to enable brands to create personalized digital journeys for their customers.

So what should organizations look for in a DXP solution that meets their requirements and helps them scale? Should an ideal DXP solution offer them agility, cost effectiveness and equip them to be future-ready?

Progress, a trusted provider of digital experience solutions, together with Pulse QA posed this question to 100 IT, Marketing, and Digital Experience leaders to determine how they’re shifting their DXP investments.

Find out what the ideal mid-market DXP solution is, according to the survey findings.


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