Why does authentic digital content matter?

This feature explains the importance of generating and publishing authentic digital content for APAC businesses.

Digital content comes in different formats, including text-based content, like blogs and articles, podcasts, videos, and infographics. Creating the right digital content for sales and marketing is crucial in boosting online presence. However, most digital content topics and strategies today look generic. 

Highly Preferred by Purpose-Driven Consumers 

The call for authentic digital content is loud. Most consumers show greater interest in ‘never-unseen before’ or raw content, especially purpose-driven consumers. 

According to research, 81% of consumers belong to either the value-driven consumer segment (41%) or the purpose-driven consumer shopper segment (40%). Purpose-driven consumers choose brands that reflect their values and are willing to “walk the talk” in various digital touchpoints, such as digital content.

Purpose-driven consumers are even willing to pay more for brands that make a difference. Providing authentic digital content or online resources through business websites or social media pages drives a brand’s thought leadership and consumer trust.

Authentic Long-Form Digital Content Is Trending

Some key digital marketing trends to follow in 2022 include providing chatbot service, voice search, social media efforts, and authentic digital content. In 2021, short-form videos or reels were popular. However, authentic long-form digital content is the norm this year, consisting of 1,000- to 7,500-word articles.

Long-form authentic content marketing boosts brand awareness, audience engagement, and customer loyalty. Examples include long-form guides, whitepapers, blog posts, email blasts, and social media posts. Brands can create authentic long-form content to provide greater value than a mere sale. This content marketing strategy increases trust and credibility that purpose-driven consumers highly appreciate.

Promotes Influencer Marketing Authentic Partnerships 

The driving force of authentic content is the influencer pool. While micro and nano influencers are fewer in number, collaborating with them often leads to a more successful influencer marketing campaign. They have a closer and deeper connection with local people.

Influencers drive authentic content that appeals to like-minded individuals who share the same interests. They don’t have much difference from average social media users. As compared to other content creators, they are cleaner, more specific, and more streamlined. 

Moreover, micro and nano influencers in APAC are approachable and create relevant content that consumers can relate to, excelling in their niches and connecting with the fragmented social landscape better. 

Democratises the Creator Space

TikTok content creation is in demand, especially among Gen Zs. Because TikTok highly appreciates content creators, it continuously finds ways to reward them by bringing them closer to the branded content ecosystem.

TikTok has launched ‘Branded Mission,’ an ad solution that allows advertisers to crowdsource authentic content from TikTok content creators. This industry-first ad solution converts top-performing TikTok videos into ads. 

Brand Mission inspires brand and creator collaborations and improves brand affinity. Today, advertisers can quickly tap into TikTok communities’ creative power as an essential part of their brand campaign. 

This ad product promotes two-way engagement between content creators and brands. Brands can engage with TikTok users by developing a brief and releasing it to the creator community. This marketing strategy encourages participation in the Branded Mission.

Authentic digital content through Brand Mission democratises the creator space. TikTok users can do their own thing while allowing brands to discover and partner with them. As more people follow them, brands can greatly benefit from their popularity and influence.

Valuable In Decision-Making

It’s not surprising that more consumers install ad blockers on their online accounts. The digital space is full of sponsored content and paid ads, and consumers are accustomed to seeing them. 

A Partipost study found that 66% of users value authenticity more than quality. Hence, they are more interested in relevant and authentic content than quality and popularity. This new consumer behavior affects their digital content consumption and purchase decision-making.

Consumers listen to and trust their family and friends more than brands. When they see a familiar face or nano influencer on social media, they listen and respond better. One reason for this behavior is the deeper relationship they have involving authenticity, honesty, and connection.

Authentic digital content matters because of many good reasons. Implementing fresh digital content stimulates brand interest. It provides great value and boosts consumer engagement. Furthermore, authentic digital content is a vital aspect of digital marketing, generating more traffic, brand demand, and leads.

Marketers and advertisers can take advantage of the creative power of content creators by sponsoring authentic digital content. Building partnership with the content creator community brings brands closer to their target audience to reap more positive outcomes.