‘Creative Bravery’: Strategy for marketing success in 2024
Shant Oknayan, Vice President, TikTok Global Business – Asia, Oceania and Africa

To effectively bridge the gap between Creative Bravery and marketing efforts today, there are three key trend signals that brands can keep in mind:

    1. Deliver hyper-relevant, delightful, and useful content that sparks curiosities

      Online content platforms now serve as central hubs for discovering unexpected interests and nurturing a culture of serendipitous exploration. Through popular trends and sounds that transcend borders, online communities have the opportunity to delve into diverse cultures worldwide via engaging, educational content showcasing everyday experiences. To connect effectively with audiences, brands should craft curiosity-piquing content that resonates with undiscovered interests within diverse communities.

      Clinique, a beauty industry icon, introduced the Even Better Clinical Serum Foundation SPF20 on TikTok, targeting diverse millennial makeup enthusiasts through creator collaborations. Leveraging TikTok’s search, creativity, and community features, the brand engaged makeup lovers with a virtual try-on tool for an interactive experience.

      To leave a lasting impact on TikTok’s beauty community, Clinique also teamed up with prominent lifestyle and beauty creators like @cameronvalentina and @tatianacorreiamua to create engaging content that highlighted the foundation’s 24-hour wear, wide shade range, and full coverage through tutorials and captivating before-and-after application videos. The brand witnessed a remarkable 441% increase in conversion rates and a 51% surge in click-through rates – and also achieved a 7.4% lift in Ad Recall, demonstrating its impactful success.

    2. Adapt to evolving narrative structures and engage users in unpredictable, collective storytelling

      Increasingly, brands—and sometimes even consumers—are reshaping storytelling norms, adopting numerous story arcs devoid of rigid beginnings or closures. This dynamic, collective storytelling trend necessitates brands to craft narratives that encourage involvement and co-creation, aligning with online users’ fondness for collaborative content.

      A compelling approach that one can adopt involves leveraging a ‘Recut, Remix, Reimagine’ content framework that encourages brands to create resonant creative assets by optimising and adapting existing assets, utilising the platform’s capabilities, and tapping into the rich tapestry of online communities that exist to bring the content to life.

      One such example is The Athlete’s Foot, a global retail chain that was looking to promote the launch of the new ASICS Gel-Kayano 28s. The brand turned the For You Page into a virtual race track, encouraging users to find a top TikTok creator wearing the shoes. The campaign achieved 8.5 million impressions, a 4.8% average click-through rate, and a strong 5% engagement rate on TikTok.

      Off-platform, The Athlete’s Foot experienced a significant 9.9% increase in total sneaker sales compared to the previous year, showcasing the effectiveness of this innovative TikTok campaign in contributing to overall success.

    3. Lead positive societal change and transparency

      The widening trust gap between consumers and brands underscores the need for brands to lead societal change and prioritise transparency. Building clear brand values demands authentic dialogue and genuine interactions with audiences, focusing on loyalty and comprehension rather than immediate sales.

      An impressive case in point is how the Singapore government tapped on TikTok to combat the surge in scams through edutainment by working with local TikTok creators to share their encounters with online scams. It was not long after the launch that the #ICanACTAgainstScams hashtag quickly gathered a community where users exchanged prevention tips, and offered support to each other on the platform. Since its inception, this hashtag has amassed an impressive 42.6 million views on TikTok.