The S$8 million programme supports local businesses across tourism and lifestyle industries  to promote Singapore and recapture international demand

Local businesses in the tourism and lifestyle sectors are set  to get more marketing support with the launch of the SingapoReimagine Marketing  Programme (SMP) by the Singapore Tourism Board (STB), as part of efforts to support  tourism and strengthen Singapore’s appeal as a choice destination for business and leisure. 

Under the S$8 million programme, tourism and lifestyle businesses will receive 70 per cent  funding on their qualifying costs, capped at S$500,000, according to a STB media release. To encourage cross-sector  collaboration, a funding booster of an additional 10 per cent, capped at S$50,000, will be  awarded to applicants who partner tourism stakeholders from different sectors. 

Chang Chee Pey, Assistant Chief Executive of STB’s Marketing Group, said, “Through the  SingapoReimagine Marketing Programme, we hope to rally the local industry to reimagine the  way they promote Singapore, and work with like-minded partners to cut through the clutter as  destinations compete for a slice of the travel pie. For our tourism sector to recover strongly,  businesses must cement our position as a must-visit destination with diverse and appealing  offerings. I look forward to seeing the innovative and bold marketing ideas that can help us  achieve this.”

STB said that proposals will be evaluated by a panel of marketing experts comprising STB and industry representatives, and assessed against three key criteria:

    1. Creativity and relevance of campaign idea, supported by strong application of analytics and insights
    2. Effectiveness of media mix and innovative use of distribution channels to deliver campaign messaging and emotionally connect with target audiences
    3. Overall cohesiveness of campaign and its potential impact to promote Singapore and inspire leisure and/or business travel

Applications from tourism industries such as attractions, hotels and travel agents are  welcome. Lifestyle industries such as retail, dining and leisure events are also eligible to  participate in the SingapoReimagine Marketing Programme. The inclusion of lifestyle businesses is to encourage interesting cross-sector collaborations that offer unique experiences to visitors. 

The SMP builds on the success of the Marketing Partnership Programme (MPP), which was  launched in 2020 to help tourism businesses maintain their international and domestic  presence during the pandemic. With travel picking up pace, MPP will conclude in December  2022, while the SMP will continue to provide marketing support for the industry till December  2023.

Applications for the SMP will open from 7 September to 28 October 2022. To find out more,  please visit the STB website or email Shortlisted proposals will be announced in January 2023.