Sitecore launches industry’s first enterprise SaaS offering

Sitecore’s new SaaS DXP is built on a composable architecture, so end users can buy best-of-breed products.

Sitecore has launched Sitecore Experience Manager Cloud – the first entirely cloud-native CMS offering the design flexibility, integration-friendliness, and authoring experience for business users to create and deliver personalised digital experiences, the digital experience company announced on October 5.

With this new addition to the Sitecore Digital Experience Platform (DXP), Sitecore offers the first SaaS offering of its kind that reimagines how content, experience orchestration, commerce and analytics support modern enterprises.

The launch comes at a crucial time for brands looking to deepen customer engagement, maintain digital customers gained during the pandemic and elevate their digital presence, the company said in a statement.

“Customer expectations are ever changing, so it is essential brands are empowered to work in real-time, adapting experiences to keep up with the demand,” said Steve Tzikakis, Sitecore CEO. “We’re supporting them with the technology to make this possible. By bringing our portfolio together in the cloud, brands can achieve this and enjoy a truly integrated, flexible and scalable platform – delivering personalized experiences for their customers, whatever the channel.”

SaaS DXP built on a composable architecture

Sitecore’s new SaaS DXP, which is available for customers from today in most regions globally, is built on a composable architecture, so end users can buy best-of-breed products or an integrated platform that scales to support high volume content, visitor, and data processing needs, the company said.

The composable approach enables brands to capitalize on Sitecore’s 1,200+ strong partner ecosystem, and for the first time, brands can take a modular approach to achieving their digital experience goals as Sitecore has integrated its portfolio via a composable architecture in the cloud, said the company.