Singaporean gamers playing more and spending more to destress: MyRepublic survey

Many consumers regard gaming as a way to destress, making it the top reason why they game.

Close to half of surveyed Singaporeans (48%) say they are gaming more because of the pandemic.

Today, 41% say they spend more than 15 hours a week playing video games, with PC being the top gaming platform of choice (60%), followed by Sony PlayStation (21%) and mobile phones (16%).

Consumers are not only gaming more but are also willing to spend more on games. Over nine in ten respondents spend on games every month, with 30% spending at least $100 on console, mobile, or PC games.

This willingness to spend extends beyond buying and playing games alone. 32% of consumers said they spend money to support their favourite gaming content creators on platforms like YouTube and Twitch.

This is according to MyRepublic, which announced the results of its first-ever study of gamers in Singapore on March 3, based on a survey of its subscribers.

The survey provides a new glimpse into the habits and preferences of gamers in Singapore, uncovering insights that reinforce the rising significance of gaming as a serious business, and how gamers are an important demographic brands cannot afford to ignore.

Lawrence Chan, Managing Director, MyRepublic Singapore said, “The gaming scene has evolved dramatically over the years with the increasing popularity of esports, streaming, and the rise of mobile gaming. As developments in the metaverse and the creation of new virtual marketplaces gather steam, we can expect gaming experiences to be more immersive, where gaming, social and even virtual economies will co-exist. We’re excited to see how the gaming landscape will continue to evolve and explore how we can deepen our support for the gaming community in Singapore and across the region.”

Gaming as a social activity and stress-reliever

The study also turned the idea of gaming as a mindless hobby on its head. Many consumers regard gaming as a way to destress (91%), making it the top reason why they game.

The benefits of gaming are also recognised, with 62% stating that it keeps their minds active and engaged. Other benefits include getting the chance to spend time with their friends and family (16%) and being able to make new friends (8%).

Other key reasons for wanting to game include being interested in the gameplay, graphics and/or storyline of the game (72%) and the opportunity for social interaction (52%).


This survey was conducted by MyRepublic in December 2021 to obtain insights into the gaming habits and behaviours of MyRepublic broadband subscribers. A total of 737 respondents were surveyed.