Brands can connect with audiences on a deeper level based on the mindset or Moment that they’re in.

 In a recently released guide, Rakuten Advertising has emphasised the concept of connecting advertisers to consumer ‘Moments’ to improve advertising performance.

Highlighting the importance of treating consumers as more than data points, the guide titled, “Connecting in the Moment: A Guide to key media ‘Moments’ and how advertisers can use them”, showcases how brands can connect with audiences on a deeper level based on the mindset or Moment that they’re in, the ad platform said in an statement.

In the guide, Rakuten Advertising is urging advertisers to think more strategically and look beyond audience data to maximise the impact of adverts and reduce wasted budget. According to data from MAGNA, the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in an 8.5% fall in Asia-Pacific advertising in 2020. Even as budgets recover, this reduction will force advertisers to think even more critically about where and when adverts are placed.

Rakuten Advertising defines a ‘Moment’ as what people do throughout their days and evenings, such as watching TV with family, messaging friends, contributing to discussions on the latest entertainment content or browsing the internet for gifts for loved ones.

“Taking a Moments-first approach to advertising will tackle the issue of wasted advertising budget head-on,” said Stuart McLennan, Senior Vice President of Asia-Pacific at Rakuten Advertising. “Agencies should consider how the different Moments audiences experience can be aligned to their clients’ brand positioning. We’re encouraging brands to ask the tough questions about how audience context is being used in their advertising strategies. Connecting ads with the audience while they’re in the right frame of mind – in the right Moment – will ensure the advert lands with impact, increasing the likelihood of direct action being taken.”