New mobile marketing handbook aims to help Southeast Asian advertisers succeed with mobile consumers

Some of the key themes in the 2024 handbook include:

    • Constant Connections: Southeast Asia is among the world’s fastest-growing digital regions, powered by mobile. Nearly 90% of Southeast Asians are smartphone users – a higher level than North America and Europe. The Philippines tops the charts in usage, with an average of 5 hours 47 minutes spent per day, according to data from Exploding Topics, against a regional average of 4 hours 42 minutes and a global average of just 3 hours 15 minutes.
    • The Love for Live: Live streaming has shot through the roof in Southeast Asia, particularly for gaming. Live commerce is also making waves, with 50% of consumers tuning in to livestream shopping sales at least once a week. In the Philippines, 60% of consumers have been buying products from live streams as early as 2021.
    • Gaming Galore: 246.9 million Southeast Asians will be gaming by 2027, with a market penetration rate of 34.7%, ranging from hyper-casual to hardcore games. It’s a trend seen across all age groups and genders – 55% of mobile gamers are over 55. E-sports, now an official medal sport at the Asian games, presents particularly exciting opportunities for marketers.
    • Super Apps Momentum: Super Apps continue to grow as a key trend in the region. These apps, which offer a variety of services, have become a multi-billion dollar market in Southeast Asia, indicating a growing appetite to access multiple experiences in a single destination.
    • Leveraging smartphone lock screen for early, frictionless connections: The smartphone lock screen, through platforms such as the Glance smart lock screen, has emerged as a powerful tool to build early connections with consumers. For instance, in Indonesia, 30 million Glance active users are discovering personalised content, single tap gaming, news, Live experiences and more, directly on their lock screen, without the friction of unlock, download, search.