2024 Most In-Demand Skills in Marketing

    The data reveals that: 

    • The top 3 most in-demand soft skills in marketing in APAC are: Communication (#2), Strategy (#6), and Problem Solving (#18).
    • Communication has become even more important in marketing: The demand for this skill has exponentially increased year over year, as marketers focus on nurturing customer relationships, building thought leadership, proving ROI, and securing budget to build memorable brands.
    • Analytical skills is the number one fastest-growing soft skill year-over-year: As companies look to optimise for growth, they’re looking for marketers with essential analytical skills such as critical thinking and problem solving to make smart decisions.
    • Digital Marketing (#3), Social Media (#4), and Marketing Strategy (#5) are the most in-demand marketing skills in APAC: With profitable growth a key focus for businesses in the year, it’s critical that organisations hire talent that is well-versed in modern marketing approaches such as digital marketing and social media to reach the right audiences through the right channels, with relevant content.