With rebranding, Criteo announces roadmap for future

The Commerce Media Platform reveals a new logo, visual identity and brand positioning.

Criteo has unveiled new branding to align with its significant transformation executed over the last year, including a new logo, visual identity and brand positioning, “The Future is Wide Open,” the Commerce Media Platform announced on June 4.

“The time is right for a new brand identity and rally cry, as we use our massive strength in data and technology to reestablish Criteo’s leadership within the advertising industry and set an optimistic tone for the future of the open internet, for everyone,” said Megan Clarken, Chief Executive Officer at Criteo.

According to Criteo, the new logo brings the two dots previously connected at the top right of the logo to the centre of the new logo to better represent consumers and its customers, who are the centerpiece of the company’s product strategy to offer the world’s leading Commerce Media Platform. 

The two dots now include open space, nodding to both discovery and openness as the company invites its audience in and balances a strong legacy, visualised with a bolder font, with modern capabilities. The visual changes were developed by Criteo’s marketing team, in partnership with creative and innovation agency, Technology, Humans and Taste [THAT], who consulted on the brand positioning.

“When we say, ‘The Future is Wide Open,’ we’re talking about the tremendous possibilities Criteo’s unique dataset presents for improving every consumer experience on the open internet,” said Todd Parsons, Chief Product Officer at Criteo. “Cookies might be going away, but we view it as an opportunity to evolve our product strategy to deliver greater benefits than ever to consumers and our customers.”

“Here in Asia Pacific, Criteo’s rebrand similarly signifies a new era of opportunity for us. As home to over 4.3 billion people, and 65% of the region’s GDP expected to be digitized, with spending predicted to reach US$1.2 trillion by 2022, the future is indeed wide open, in terms of the possibilities for businesses here today,” said Kenneth Pao, Executive Managing Director, Asia Pacific, Criteo.