Meet Jinan: A Bite of the Spring City

JINAN, China, Oct. 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — This is a report from Shandong Office of Hong Kong Business Daily. The documentary “Meet Jinan”, focusing on the varied culture, traditions and customs of Jinan, gets a closer look into local life. It shows the features and style of Jinan, a famous cultural city, through people’s clothing, food, housing, transportation and entertainment, so as to promote the city’s spiritual character and enhance its soft power.

Food brings up memories and homesickness from the bottom of one’s heart and serves as the bridge connecting people. The documentary A Bite of the Spring City focuses on the common people living and working in Jinan and reflects their daily life. Several representatives working in the catering business for years were selected as the characters to tell their stories, which shows various pictures of our life. These vivid and touching stories, based on people’s daily life, tell the features and style of Jinan.

Jixiang (Dean Gordon Munk) from Canada was invited as a “Foreign Experience Officer” to enjoy the food and culture in Jinan to learn the dishes, culture, customs and folklore of this city. Through Jixiang’s experience, the audience can better understand the food, culture, traditions, personalities and values of the Jinan people and explore the spirit of Jinan through the comparison of Chinese and Western differences. These episodes will show the world a real, vivid and comprehensive image of Jinan, improve the cultural soft power of Jinan and make Chinese culture more influential.