iQIYI Showcases Technology-Enabled Green Production Techniques on World Environment Day

BEIJING, June 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — On Jun. 5, iQIYI, an innovative market-leading online entertainment service in China, shared its commitment to a sustainable future on World Environment Day, a day where businesses, communities, and governments around the world come together to raise awareness of the importance of the environment. iQIYI utilizes technology throughout its production processes to reduce its carbon footprint and drive a green transition.

  • In the production of Luoyang, iQIYI used innovative laser 3D technology to digitize and permanently preserve a physical production set that took 120 people 65 days to build, enabling the set to be reused digitally for a variety of future productions. Since its digitization, the set has been used for different projects—such as the music videos for Wind Blows from Buliangjing and Xinnian—allowing for a zero-emission production.
  • iQIYI developed a film production management system that enables the full digitization of production crew operations. With the new system, crew members can divide scripts, make plans, send notices, and read reports all through one integrated digital system. In the production of Tiger Crane alone, utilizing the digital system in the shooting process allows the show to save approximately 1,500 sheets of A4 paper per episode from sending daily notices digitally. In total, the digital system saves the shooting of the 30-episode show close to 12,000 sheets of A4 paper, the equivalent of 1.2 trees, from sending other notices.
  • During the post-production process, the Digital Imaging Technicians (DIT) utilize Ysera, a one-stop process management system, to reduce the transcoding time. For a typical variety show episode, leveraging Ysera reduces the transcoding time by an average of two days, saving 10 kilowatts of electricity. For a full season of variety show of 12 episodes, Ysera can save the equivalent of three months of power consumption by an energy-saving refrigerator.
  • Production teams often find traditional video review processes cumbersome as they are enormously time-consuming and can be costly, especially for teams that collaborate across regions or even countries. Co-Viewer, an iQIYI-developed video review and collaboration platform, enables multi-team real-time collaboration, improves video reviewing efficiency, and reduces carbon emissions. For example, using Co-Viewer, the video review process for Glory is Back reduces carbon emissions by 1.53 tons, tantamount to the carbon emissions by a car in one year.
  • iQIYI installed programs to automatically shut off the lights and air conditioning in office areas where there was no occupant. The energy saved is equivalent to that generated by an electric bike traveling for five million kilometers or circling the earth 125 times.

iQIYI sees sustainability as a core element of its organizational and operational strategy and is committed to optimizing the production process to reduce power consumption in all areas of operations. By continuing to implement innovative sustainability solutions, iQIYI drives the industrialization of film and television while making an active contribution to a sustainable planet.